Monday, May 27, 2013

Backward compatibility?

Hello, please let me introduce myself. I am Ruggles. Mouse has been kind enough to allow me to contribute to this blog. I am a fan, of the quirkier side of gaming. If you throw an indie, or an overlooked title at me, I'm on top of it. I prefer little blue hedgehogs over bulky space marines, and I play games for fun, not graphics. Let's get onto the rant then,shall we? As we know, The Xbox one is coming out this fall. It will not be compatible with Xbox360 games. But, what of the xbox live arcade titles? NOPE. . It is my opinion that these titles should be tied to your xboxLive account, and re-downloadableto the xbox one. XBLA is actually where most of my gaming dollars had went. I'm very disappointed that these games will not transfer. It appears that Xbox one will get rid of its XboxLiveArcade and indie games channel by lumping them all together in a Marketplace of some kind. This is bad, because I don't want to wade through a ton of junk to get to the content I want. Are they going to use actual cash now, instead of points? And what of the indie scene?Are indie devs in trouble on the xbone? Overall, the more I learn from all this xboxone business, the more that the PlayStation 4 appeals to me.

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  1. The reason XBLA was left behind is because you are limiting the consoles future potential by locking the ability to play older games. Yes its understandable that you lose out on the financial aspect, but only if you physically get rid of your 360. MS has already stated they are not going to get rid themselves of the 360.

    Think of it as the PS3 and PS2. Sony never got stopped supporting the PS2 when the PS3 launched and this is the exact same scenario. MS will continue to sell the 360 albeit at a lower cost and its focus will continue to be on the Xbox One.